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Freelance Guide. Steeped in Scotland’s history, culture, landscape & folklore. Sensitive to the energetics of people & places.

“Our time with Neil Wakeling in Machrie Moor was phenomenal!  Neil’s intuitive relationship with earth energies created the space for a palpable, transformative experience. I look forward to more… Your work is brilliant and radiating from heart consciousness!

Erina Cowan (Blue Sun Energetics)

Whether joining you just for a day or as part of a longer tour, I offer a unique combination of local knowledge of Scotland’s rich culture & landscape, with a deep energetic sensitivity which offers insight into our wonderful variety of ancient sites, and powerful places in Nature, and how they can interact with the modern visitor.

My knowledge and insight are not found in guidebooks but are a culmination of a lifetime of personal exploration and widespread study both at home and abroad incorporating both formal and experiential education with spiritual teachers and indigenous peoples, and offered with a light-hearted humour.

My whole focus is on raising consciousness here on Earth. Many of these special sites and places offer us ways to assist in our inner transformation.

To the stone circle


A gazetteer of places I love to visit

Spiral carving illustrating an energetic understanding

Energetic understanding

A whole other dimension.

Carved beast, St Serfs, perthshire

History, music & culture

Scotland’s rich tapestry

Ireland - newgrange

Ireland too!

I also have extensive knowledge of Ireland.

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playing didgeridoo at brodgar


Neil was born and brought up in Strathspey in the Scottish Highlands, and has a rich knowledge and love for his country’s music, landscape and culture. He started his guiding career back in the late 80’s leading French-speaking groups on cycling tours of the Highlands.

Neil is highly energy-sensitive, tuned into and working with the energy of the land, which contributes another dimension to his understanding of people and place.

He is a sound-healer with a deep knowledge of both the physics and spiritual dimension of sound.  He also plays whistle, fiddle, mandolin & didgeridoo.

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