Highlands Scotland

Clava Cairns, Inverness

An impressive, and important, complex of cairns and surrounding standing stones in the Nairn valley.

Clava is an impressive complex of three cairns and many surrounding standing stones, in the Nairn valley a few miles outside Inverness. For me, the site is inseperable from the Beech trees which stand around the cairns. These guardians have a strong presence of their own.

The two end cairns both have an inner chamber and passageway, while the central cairn has no entrance but has mysterious arms radiating outwards. The chambers are aligned with midwinter sunset, on rare occasions the weather obliges, illuminating the passageway with the last rays of the setting sun.

photo of Clava cairns near Inverness, Scotland; taken near midwinter sunset
Near sunset at midwinter, the ground hard with frost, as tree shadows lengthen across the stones.

Clava can be very busy some days. It is now firmly on the tourist map, especially as it lies just a mile or so down in the valley from Culloden battle site. Meetings with coaches are becoming more frequent on the single-track approach road, while bemused visitors wander around the stones, wondering what to make of it all. However, this is an important site on Earth’s geomantic network.

Clava is a meeting point where worlds mesh: spiritual, energetic, elemental, cosmic, planetary, and human. There are few places quite like this. Simply come with respect. Take your time, open your senses and follow your intution. Come at dusk, when the in-between-worlds become even more tangible.

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