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Corrimony Chambered Cairn

A Clava-type chambered cairn 9 miles west of Loch Ness – an atmospheric, intriguing place.

Corrimony is a Clava-type cairn lying 9 miles west of Drumnadrochit (on Loch Ness), in Glenurquhart, and is approximately 4000 years old.

Driving up the glen it felt as though there was a buzzing in the energy of the area, a harshness. As we drew closer to Corrimony, I felt a shift in the land. It felt gentler, more peaceful, protective. This site seems to soothe the natural energies of the surrounding valley. Its an atmospheric, intriguing place.

The site is just a few minutes stroll down a tree-lined lane from the car park; swallows darted all around, gleefully swooping. Nature loves this place.

The cairn is surrounded by 11 standing stones and a partial ditch, accessed by a footbridge spanning the stream beside the road. The central chamber is open to the elements, but you must crawl through a narrow passageway to reach it. Not all of our party wished to enter… I managed it in a crouching shuffle, preserving my knees.

Lying near the top of the mound is a large flat rock, embellished with cup-marks. This is believed to be the original capstone which would have covered the chamber. Research suggests that the cairn would originally have been higher than it is today, with a more pronounced corbelling.

Corrimony Chambered Cairn showing the entrance passageway
Showing the entrance passageway.

Access is free and open all year.

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